Bespoke Services

We work with our heart wide open.
« Flexibility – Sharing – Communication – Trust – Quality Product – Time Frame Respect »
We are here to serve
A minimum quantity of 10 pieces for each item will be necessary to start the process.  Depending on the total order we can adapt of course.


We accepted in the past to produce objects without prototyping, But because WE have LEARNED from OUR MISTAKES, PROTOTYPING is COMPULSORY and a guarantee of SUCCESS in our partnership.


Prototyping phase 45 days, one or 2 pieces will be produced depending on the engineering  requirement of your product.
We make available to our customers a large amount of craft techniques, some are no longer available in Western countries.
We protect you against the pitfalls of trade with The Sub-Continent, because we are on the spot. We make the process smooth.
We share with our customers the same aesthetics and the same ethics.
Our commitment is flawless even after delivery to make sure that the process is hassle free


Share your moodboard and quantity as soon as possible to see if we can match your color palette, and material inspiration. We send you a quote accordingly. Send your query
Most of the time we can find a material alternative, we can source a variety of options to make your pieces UNIQUE.


Because India is India (we like it like that)  cultural and religious calendar teach us patience.
Production lead time is 12 weeks, we can work on it and decrease this time depending on the technical specification  of your products, Some products will be ready faster than others.


Delivery will be done in 3 slots :
  1 week Custom Clearance Export
4 weeks Sea freight with DERUDDER Transport Architects
 1 week clearance Import


We can provide kerbside door to door delivery with our freight partner « DERUDDER Transport Architects« , as well as you can arrange pick up from Port warehouse by your own if you have better negotiated rates.


Call Us on What’sapp  +91 – 7447388653



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